Asking to hold on

  1. Just a moment, please.
  2. Just a minute, please.
  3. Holde the line, please.
  4. Hold on, please.
  5. Hang on, please.
  6. Hang on a second, please.
  7. Will you hold, please?
  8. Can you hold, please?
  9. Would you like to hold, please?
  10. Can you wait, please?









Asking for caller’s information

  1. Who’s this?I can’t recognize your voice.
  1. Who’s calling, please?
  2. Who’s speaking, please?
  3. Who’s this speaking?
  4. Can I have your name, please?
  5. Can you spell your name, please?
  6. Who gave you our number?











Saying you can’t reach

  1. I tried to call him, but the line was busy.
  2. I tried to call him, but nobody answered.
  3. It’s was engaged.
  4. Nobody was home.
  5. His phone had been disconnected.
  6. She’s now talking to someone else.
  7. The phone seems dead.
  8. The phone is off.










Describing the line problem

  1. We were cut off.
  2. This is a terrible line.
  3. There is a lot of interference on this line.
  4. I’m afraid we have a crossed line.
  5. It’s very noisy here. I can hardly hear you.
  6. The line is not clear.
  7. There is a background noise.
  8. The signal is weak.
  9. I’m almost out of range.